Lading saved the day


Lading was brought into an integration project under very tight timelines and with limited resources available from the Delmar side to support the integration project due to previously committed resource allocation. As this Project was for a Tier-1 customer, we needed a partner that could not only deliver on time and on budget, but be […]

Realistic and pragmatic approach


We have been working with the CW software for two years in several of our companies. In order to maximize the use of CW, we had been looking for a service provider – thankfully we found Lading, they have a realistic and pragmatic approach to CW software, great instructors enabling us to make efficient use […]

Saving 25% a month


We recently switched from using an internal IT team to manage our CargoWise One platform to Lading’s Helpdesk service. We evaluated other WiseService Partners before making the change but found Lading’s experience and knowledge to be superior to its peers. Switching to Lading also saves us 25% a month compared to the cost of managing […]