Focus on growing your business.

Free up your time and concentrate your energy on what you do best.

Spend your time on the things that matter and grow your business faster than ever before.

Our expert team will not only provide you with knowledge and insights, they will fully support your initiatives to go from surviving to thriving in an increasingly competitive industry with fine margins. We'll support (and manage, if needed) your FMS/TMS implementation, from product selection through to staff training and platform configuration. Beyond this, we continue providing 24/7 helpdesk support, so you do not have to sit in line waiting for software providers to get to your ticket.

Our extensive experience becomes your competitive advantage, allowing you to focus on growing your business, knowing that processes are handled and your tools are always on point. We also have in-house regulatory knowledge including, but not limited to, working with some of the world's more complicated authority bodies.

Through our sister company Prompt Global, we've built software that fills the gaps of major FMS and TMS platforms, without needing custom development or expensive implementation processes. These include fully customizable customer experience platforms, rate management that actually handles spot and contract rates simultaneously, payment options, and more.

Strategize more effectively

Correctly identify the challenge and map the path of change

Implement more easily

Recognize and remove the obstacles to rapid progress

Optimize more rapidly

Quickly improve end-to-end processes and maximize productivity

CargoWise Expertise

Our consulting team excel at helping freight forwarders and other supply chain organizations rapidly build highly effective business processes. All are CargoWise Certified Professionals and have been trained in Theory of Constraints. Our team members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Afrikaans, Mandarin and Cantonese.

We know the challenges logistics organizations face, and the best ways to leverage CargoWise to make a company more productive.

We understand the elements that are critical to shipping, forwarding, brokerage, trucking, and warehouse companies and how to automate them. And we have the experience to maximize efficiency and productivity gains throughout your organization.

Streamlined processes and workflows that drive productivity

Your Lading consultant will work with you to identify the fastest transition to the agreed end-state — without causing unnecessary stress to your team or impairing profitability.

Your Lading consultant will:

  1. Carefully scope project parameters and take full responsibility for the agreed implementation.
  2. Determine your workflow automation requirements and the necessary configuration changes.
  3. Look at what training is required as well as the best way to integrate new processes into existing fulfilment and customer service operations.

Companies that use Lading get measurable results

Delmar International

We needed a partner that could not only deliver on time and on budget, but was able to liaise directly with the customer and represent an extension of the Delmar team. Not only did Lading attain all project objectives, they also went beyond scope when unforeseen client issues surfaced in the data being fed to us. Their adaptability, agility and professionalism “saved the day.”

TQL Global

We are very satisfied with Lading Corp’s execution of this project. In addition to hitting all the deliverables on time, they provided excellent customer service, responsive communication, and industry expertise.

Fracht USA

Lading has impressed me not only with their professionalism, but their strong knowledge of CargoWise, as well as their timeliness.


Lading did a great job with this project. This was by far our most complex integration with CargoWise and we asked Lading to help us rewrite the mapping to make it more sustainable. This was a challenge because Lading had to learn the existing mapping and develop the new solution on a very tight timeline.

They exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled to have found a long term partner that we can trust to get the job done.

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