Enabling Logistics Service Providers to get more out of your tech and processes

Whether you're a small freight forwarding business looking to get more out of your technology or a global 3PL trying to make your complicated tech stack work, Lading is ready to help. As a premier provider of comprehensive Consulting and Helpdesk services to logistics software providers and freight forwarding companies worldwide, no situation is too complicated.

With a portfolio of solutions and expertise at your disposal, our teams of logistics professionals enable businesses like yours to improve margins by optimizing logistics operations and making your tech work for you.

A current Magaya Strategic Partner and previous CargoWise Platinum Partner in 4 domains, our teams now provide their expertise for most freight management systems, including Magaya, CargoWise, BluJay, and Softlink. All this natively in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Afrikaans, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

When do you want to get started?

The Lading Effect

We've set out to provide freight forwarders and forwarding software providers with a set of services that will improve your productivity and unlock the trickiest of situations. The Lading Effect will simplify your data, streamline your processes, answer your questions, train your people, and support your business in your local language for as long as you require.

Complete with industry and leading FMS/TMS experience, each service is tailored to your specific needs as we know that no two forwarders or software solutions are the same.

You'll feel The Lading Effect throughout our partnership, and will have access to everything you need along the way. From implementation to consulting, helpdesk support to training, you'll be covered.

Re-engineer Your Business

  • Review current processes and software stack
  • Software usage fit analysis
  • Optimization of existing software
  • New business process management
  • Gap analysis and milestone planning
  • Ongoing support to reach your goals

Software Implementation

  • Software selection
  • Implementation & training
  • Integration with 3rd party platforms
  • Project management and process documentation
  • Ongoing support or smart handover

Easy Platform Change

  • Transfer existing integrations from your old to your new system
  • Store old system data in an integrated and easily accessible database
  • Present new and old system data in one portal for employees
  • Provide customers with full access to all relevant data from either (or both) systems

"Choosing the right software platform as a freight forwarder, or being able to service forwarders correctly as a platform provider, is not something you can do alone. Both the most innovative and the most successful (based on size and revenue) surround themselves with capable partners to enhance their offer and improve customer experience and satisfaction. That's why Lading exists, to save you time and money while helping you to give more to your customers."

Rob Petti | Founder and CEO, Lading Corporation and Prompt Global