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Lading Helpdesk helps companies of all sizes maintain and generate maximum value from their CargoWise platform. Whether you are a small freight forwarder or a global multinational, we can help you extract full value from the system’s automation capabilities to increase productivity and customer service while controlling costs.

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Here's what you get


User Support & Issue Fixes

Lading provides unlimited support for everything from password resets to fixing broken reports and printer issues for one flat monthly price.


Improved Onboarding

We help your new users go from zero to fully set up on auto rating, charge codes, and WebTracker as well as configure new internal hire security settings and profile configuration.


Process Improvements

Add your personal touch to workflows, reports, and documents each quarter for free. Convert manual business processes into automated tasks.


Realistic and pragmatic approach

We have been working with the CW software for two years in several of our companies. In order to maximize the use of CW, we had been looking for a service provider – thankfully we found Lading, they have a realistic and pragmatic approach to CW software, great instructors enabling us to make efficient use of CW. I was reluctant to write this review as I would prefer to keep Lading to myself.

Morten Olesen | President, Global Shipping Services

Saving 25% a month

We recently switched from using an internal IT team to manage our CargoWise One platform to Lading’s Helpdesk service. We evaluated other WiseService Partners before making the change but found Lading’s experience and knowledge to be superior to its peers. Switching to Lading also saves us 25% a month compared to the cost of managing our own CargoWise foucsed IT team.

Spencer Hutchins | VP Freight Forwarding, Vantec Hitachi Transport System

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through these FAQ’s to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Doesn’t WiseTech offer free support?
Yes it does. The CargoWise support model is referred to as a knowledge centered support (KCS) of Level 0 self-enablement platform. This means your primary free support resource is content excerpts from the library of videos, update notes, and forum articles within the platform. If your employee has a question about a feature, he/she must seek out the content from this library or submit a ticket via their CargoWise database [hit F1 key from anywhere within CargoWise]. It is single direction, meaning no live support is offered (unless you have a critical system issue). So if your employee has a question on how to get a specific feature to work, CargoWise support teams direct your employee to the most relevant content to resolve their question. Lading Helpdesk differs in that we have a live support model and initiate a screen sharing session with your employee to fully understand and articulate their issue, as well as walk them through resolution. Lading Helpdesk requests are then logged in the company’s personal Learning Library so others in your company can reference the solution in the future.
Helpdesk has been in operation since 2017 and helps companies of all different sizes use CargoWise more productively. All Helpdesk employees are required to be CCP (CargoWise One Certified Professional) certified and have experience providing support to CargoWise One companies. Helpdesk is also the only platform of its kind endorsed by WiseTech Global.
That is up to each company. Some permit all employees to create tickets while others require that a ticket be approved by a designated resource (or resources) at a company.
All ticket progress is readily available inside the Helpdesk platform. Just click on the ticket and you will see everything we are up to as well your dialogue with our team members.
Yes, we will schedule a platform walk through with your company before you start using Helpdesk. Additionally, your employees can ask questions at any time after they go live.
Awesome! We will just need a login for your system and we will work with your existing ticketing system.
Our standard business hours are 9am to 5pm in your designated local time zone and our standard response time is 4 business hours. Please note that response times are contingent on the availability of your resources and that all efforts are made to adhere to them.
What usually happens is a ticket will be logged and we will inform you that the request is out of scope of your Helpdesk package and we will provide a time estimate to complete the work to the designated resource at your company for approval. If the request is approved, the task will be completed. All updates will still be logged in Helpdesk ticketing.

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