Outsource non-critical work to maximize efficiency and decrease costs

Reduce labor costs

Save up to 80% on back office costs

Improve productivity

Streamline processes with faster data entry

Offer superior customer service

Faster response times with laser-like accuracy

While back office jobs like registrations, data entry and accounts are critical to your operations, they cost rather than make your business money!

Save up to 80% on data entry and back office costs

Lading’s Business Process Outsourcing team lets companies outsource time-consuming and non-critical work such as data entry, customer and sales support, collections and rates management at a fraction of the cost of completing these tasks internally.

This frees resources, cashflow and management attention so you can get on with the job of winning new accounts, managing existing accounts and increasing your profit margins!

It’s the simple and hassle-free way to run a more cost-effective and efficient environment for improved business outcomes.

CargoWise Certified agents

We only employ staff skilled in freight forwarding and supply chain logistics. All Lading BPO team members are CargoWise Certified and understand the importance of accurate data entry in this time-sensitive and highly competitive landscape.

All our BPO team members undertake intensive training in your systems and processes before they go live representing your company. We’ll work with you to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for new roles and team members and strict performance guidelines for productive, hassle-free performance.

Your data is protected

Working with many of the largest freight forwarding logistic companies around the world brings the need for stringent security requirements. All Lading BPO team members undergo thorough professional and background security checks. Team members sign non-disclosure agreements and maintain strict adherence to information security policies and procedures.

We continually monitor and assess information security measures (people and IT systems) to ensure we maintain compliance with industry standards and possible vulnerabilities/threats that could arise in the future to minimize the risk of information theft or loss.

We offer a full suite of outsourced back office support services

Import and Export Operations

  • Shipment information
  • Tracking
  • Cargo manifests
  • Packing lists
  • Tariff code calculations
  • Posting invoices


  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • Quotes
  • Currency exchange rate updates
  • Spot quotes
  • Client rates
  • Company tariffs
  • General ledger posting
  • Payroll

Customer Clearance and Tracking

  • Data entry of shipment information
  • Tariff codes computation
  • Compiling
  • Up-to-date tracking reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through these FAQ’s to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Is there a training/onboarding process?
Yes – we begin all BPO engagements with onboarding that covers specific daily tasks to be completed, expectations, and SOP review.
Our BPO team is spread out globally across our offices to ensure 24/7 coverage. The team is multilingual so that we can provide a resource who matches your local language.
Each staff member is works with a specific client. We do this to ensure that the person you’re working with is as knowledgeable about your processes as possible.
Great question – we have extra team members that will step in for your sick team member. These individuals will have the SOPs that have been created for your company’s tasks and are able to pick up where your normal team member left off.
No problem, we can change team members to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied with the BPO work.

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